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Calls for Southern Water to compensate customers following data breach

Calls for Southern Water to compensate customers following data breach

In January 2024, cyber criminals broke into Southern Water’s systems and stole the personal details of up to 500,000 customers and employees. The water firm only became aware of the breach after it was named on the dark web.  

A vast amount of data, including names, bank details, and identity documents, was stolen in the Southern Water data breach. It is possible that criminals stole the personal data to sell it on the dark web – a hidden part of the internet regularly used for illicit activities. The Black Basta ransomware group has claimed responsibility for the hack. The Russia-linked gang is also behind the Capita data breach. 

Southern Water has offered victims of the privacy violation a year’s free Experian credit monitoring. However, some legal experts do not believe this offer goes far enough. 

Victims of the Southern Water data breach are at risk

We cannot underestimate the personal risk individuals face when their data falls into the wrong hands. The far-reaching consequences may include:  

  • Identity Theft. When cybercriminals gain access to your personal information, they may try to use these to assume your identity and wreak havoc on your finances and reputation. 
  • Financial Loss. One of the most immediate consequences of data theft is financial loss. In some cases, victims find themselves on the hook for debts incurred by fraudsters, leading to long-lasting financial repercussions. 
  • Privacy Invasion. The invasion of privacy that accompanies data theft can leave individuals feeling vulnerable and violated, with lasting psychological effects. While in some cases, customers are free to sever ties with an organisation after it has betrayed their trust, this is not an option when it comes to water providers. This leaves customers feeling even more vulnerable. 
  • Scam Attempts. After a data breach, scammers frequently exploit stolen data to target individuals affected by the breach in fraudulent schemes. As scams become increasingly sophisticated, these attempts can cause significant distress to the victims. 

Individuals affected by the breach must remain vigilant and report any suspected scams to the appropriate authorities. 

The Southern Water data breach is especially concerning as it includes financial and banking information. While the offer of Experian credit monitoring should be accepted, it doesn’t compensate victims for the losses and emotional distress they may be experiencing as a direct result of the privacy failure. Despite this, Southern Water has not offered any additional reparation to affected customers or employees.

How can you get compensation for the Southern Water data breach? 

The only way to get compensation is to make a data breach claim. You must have received notification of your involvement in the breach to do this. Our simple eligibility checker provides instant clarity. Answer a few straightforward questions, and you’ll know if you could qualify for a Southern Water data breach group action.

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