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Jaguar Land Rover DPF claims vs. dieselgate claims

When it comes to automotive controversies, few topics have garnered as much attention as the emissions scandal. But while ‘dieselgate’ has dominated headlines, not all claims against car manufacturers relate to emissions cheating.

Providing clarity for affected drivers, we delve into the nuances between Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) claims against Jaguar Land Rover and the wider emissions scandal.

The dieselgate emissions scandal

Dieselgate started with Volkswagen and went on to rock the automotive industry. In this case, several car manufacturers were accused of intentionally manipulating emissions testing results, leading to vehicles emitting higher levels of harmful pollutants than advertised. Dieselgate affected millions of vehicles across multiple brands.

The consequences of dieselgate on the environment and human health are significant, and the systemic failure to comply with emissions regulations resulted in legal action, regulatory penalties, and widespread public outcry.

DPF systems and Jaguar Land Rover claims

Tasked with reducing harmful emissions by capturing and trapping exhaust particulates, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are a vital component in modern diesel vehicles. However, while designed to improve air quality and meet emissions standards, some Jaguar Land Rover owners experienced problems with their DPF systems, including excessive clogging, engine performance issues, and increased fuel consumption.

These issues prompted claims against the manufacturer, with affected owners seeking compensation for their vehicle’s performance issues. Unlike the wider emissions scandal, Jaguar Land Rover DPF claims are specific to DPF-related problems rather than broader emissions compliance issues.

Nevertheless, the Jaguar Land Rover DPF scandal should not be taken lightly. Due to clogged DPFs, some Jaguar Land Rover vehicles became less responsive, leading to engine misfires, stalling, and system failures. The faulty DPFs posed a serious safety risk and increased the likelihood of road accidents and affected drivers deserve compensation.

Make a Jaguar Land Rover DPF claim

Anyone who bought an affected Jaguar Land Rover car – either new or used – after July 1, 2018, could be due compensation.

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