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Dive into the Latest Updates on Group Action Claims across the UK

The global ‘dieselgate’ scandal started back in 2015, when the US Environmental Protection Agency discovered Volkswagen Group had been selling cars with illegal emissions-cheating software. The software could detect when a vehicle was undergoing emissions testing and tweak its performance to deliver cleaner results.
In January 2024, the High Court ruled that drivers could sue BMW for fitting some diesel vehicles with devices that tricked emissions tests. The illegal devices made it seem like BMW’s diesel cars were less-polluting than they actually were.
When it comes to automotive controversies, few topics have garnered as much attention as the emissions scandal. But while ‘dieselgate’ has dominated headlines, not all claims against car manufacturers relate to emissions cheating.
Around half a million Jaguar Land Rover drivers could receive compensation worth up to £16,000 if a new group action claim is successful. The case, being spearheaded by law firm Milberg LLP, claims that the car manufacturer fitted several of its models with faulty diesel particulate filters (DPFs).
UK law firms are standing up to Jaguar Land Rover, alleging that over one million customers may be entitled to a staggering £3 billion due to faulty exhaust systems.
In recent years, equal pay has become a hot topic within the UK’s retail sector. Major supermarket chains like Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Co-op, and Sainsbury’s are all facing legal challenges over alleged gender pay disparities, and the spotlight on fair payment practices has never been brighter.
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