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Navigating the 2plan data breach: Joining a group action claim

Data breaches are an unfortunate reality, with even large, well-established businesses susceptible to cyber threats. In 2023, 2plan Wealth Management became the latest company to see its sensitive client information fall into the hands of criminals. Shockingly, it took them a whole year to alert some clients about the breach – a delay that put countless individuals at risk.

If you are a victim of the 2plan data breach, a group action claim can help you get compensation and protect your rights. Let’s explore what this entails.

1. Checking your eligibility

Typically, eligibility criteria to join a claim include being affected by the data breach and having suffered harm or losses as a result. At Join the Claim, we keep things simple. Try our easy-to-use eligibility checker to find out if you could join a 2plan data breach compensation claim!

2. Find a reputable law firm

To make a 2plan data breach compensation claim, you’ll need a reputable law firm specialising in data protection and privacy law. You can look online for firms with experience handling similar cases and a track record of success in securing compensation for data breach victims. But knowing who to appoint can be tricky. That’s why we do the searching for you.

Your matchmaker for justice, if eligible to Join the Claim, we’ll keep you updated about this case and seek to pair you with a regulated law firm running a suitable claim. If there are no appropriate group actions, we’ll ask our network of law firms to start one.

Once the group action claim is underway, the legal team will work diligently to pursue compensation for all claimants. This may involve negotiating with the defendant, presenting evidence in court, or reaching a settlement agreement.

Why make a group action claim?

Group action claims bring together individuals affected by the same data breach – leveraging their collective strength to pursue legal action against the responsible party. By joining forces with other victims, you amplify your voice and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

The bottom line is that your data privacy matters, and you have the right to take action to protect it.

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