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The Morrisons equal pay scandal – seeking justice for underpaid workers

Have you ever wondered if you are being paid unfairly for your work at Morrisons? Legal experts believe that many Morrisons employees might not be receiving the remuneration they deserve. But how can you find out if are underpaid? And what can you do about it if you are not being paid enough 

The legal case against Morrisons  

Morrisons is currently facing law suits for allegedly paying its distribution centre employees more than its store workers. Under the Equality Act 2010, men and women must receive equal pay for equal work. This legislation is the cornerstone of the current legal action against Morrisons 

Lawyers representing supermarket employees argue both in-store and warehouse staff perform jobs of equal value. They believe the roles require comparable skills, effort, and responsibilities, and should receive equal pay. If they are right, and the legal action succeeds, Morrisons could owe affected employees thousands of pounds each in backpay. 

The difference in pay at Morrisons is suspected to be linked to gender, but it affects both male and female store employees. This means that men and women who work, or have worked, on Morrisons’ shop floor (paid hourly), could have a claim for unpaid wages. 

Morrisons is losing its fight against equal pay  

At an employment tribunal, Morrisons argued that retail staff shouldn’t be compared to distribution centre workers because each distribution centre has its own set of rules and conditions. The supermarket said that, since these terms aren’t the same at every location, retail workers can’t be compared to distribution workers as a group. They also said that, because the terms are negotiated individually, distribution and retail workers don’t have the same employment conditions.  

The judge disagreed and ruled that Morrisons store workers could compare their roles to distribution centre workers to determine equal pay. This was a significant win for employees seeking compensation and saw the case take one step closer to victory.  

Can you make a Morrisons equal pay compensation claim? 

Our simple eligibility checker provides instant clarity. Answer a few straightforward questions and find out if you could qualify for a Morrisons equal pay group action claim. Group action are more impactful than individual claims, providing a stronger platform for achieving justice in pay inequalities. 

It will only take a few seconds to check your eligibility and there’s no obligation to proceed. 

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