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Join the Tesco Equal Pay claim

Have you lost out due to Tesco’s equal pay failings?

If so, Join the Claim to get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Tesco is under fire for not paying its staff fairly, with distribution centre employees pocketing up to £3 more per hour than store workers. Affected Tesco store workers could be owed thousands of pounds in compensation each, and we are helping them in their fight for equal pay for equal work.

Are you eligible to join the Tesco equal pay compensation claim?

  • Are you currently employed as a Tesco store worker and get paid an hourly rate?

  • Have you been employed as a Tesco store worker in the last 6 years and were paid an hourly rate?

If you answered yes to either of the above, you could have a NO-WIN, NO- FEE Tesco compensation claim.  

Join the thousands of Tesco staff who are standing up for their rights and seeking the justice they deserve. 

Check your eligibility today. 

If you have a claim, and you want to go ahead, sign up and we’ll connect you with KP Law, a legal firm running a Tesco equal pay group action.  

Who is KP Law?

In this case, we are working with KP Law, a regulated law firm running a Tesco equal pay group action claim.

  • KP Law is one of the most experienced multi-claimant law firms in the UK and has settled claims worth many millions of pounds
  • Committed to achieving justice for its clients, KP Law is standing up to some of the world’s largest and most powerful corporations 
  • KP Law has already helped its clients secure compensation from the likes of Uber, Ticketmaster, and British Airways 
  • KP Law is running its Tesco equal pay action on a no-win, no-fee basis

Tesco has been paying its distribution centre staff (who are predominantly male) up to £3 per hour more than their employees working on the shop floor (who are mostly women). “We believe that customer facing work should be viewed as equal to the work undertaken behind the scenes and that the remuneration should therefore be the same, regardless of gender. The current disparity is unlawful, and we estimate that each claimant could be entitled to thousands of pounds in backdated pay. Tesco employees who have worked in its retail stores in England and Wales in the past six years could be entitled to substantial backpay.

Andrew Nugent Smith, Managing Partner, KP Law 

If you use our online portal to sign up to this action, you agree to us passing your details to KP Law. They will contact you to progress your claim and get you the compensation you deserve.  

How it works

Check your eligibility

Our simple eligibility checker provides instant clarity. Answer a few straightforward questions, and you’ll know if you qualify for the Tesco equal pay group action claim.

Meet your match

If eligible, and you want to join the claim, use our online portal to register with KP law. It’s free, simple and takes only a few minutes.

Join the Claim

Once you’ve registered to join the claim with KP Law, they’ll take it from there and provide regular updates on the progress of your claim. KP Law operates on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Join the Claim

Find out if you can join the no-win, no-fee Tesco equal pay claim.

It will only take a few minutes and there’s no obligation to proceed.

Join the Tesco Equal Pay Сlaim

Check your eligibility and find out if you can join the no-win, no-fee Tesco equal pay claim.  

Latest updates on the Tesco equal pay scandal

  • 2018

    The first equal pay suit was filed against Tesco on behalf of female store workers who claimed they were being paid less than their male counterparts, despite doing jobs of equal value. 

  • June 2021

    EU judges sided with Tesco workers after a UK tribunal sought guidance from the European Court of Justice in this matter. Supermarket bosses had argued that an EU law defining equal pay for work of equal value was not directly applicable in this case, but the EU judges disagreed.  

  • August 2021

    KP Law filed equal pay claims against Tesco following the European Union’s highest court ruling in June that EU Law could be applied to UK businesses. Representing nearly 10,000 claimants, the firm argued that affected workers were entitled to backdated equal pay in line with the hourly rate given to their male distribution centre colleagues. 

  • February 2022

    KP Law filed a further equal pay claim against Tesco on behalf of almost 2,000 employees for failing to pay its store workers a comparable wage to employees working in its distribution centres. 

  • November 2023

    The Tesco equal pay case took a significant step forward as six test cases moved to final hearing. By focusing on these six key cases, the tribunal expects to speed up the legal process for all Tesco equal pay claimants, possibly by several years. 

We’ll provide more updates on the fight for justice in the Tesco equal pay case as they occur.

Tesco equal pay FAQs

Tesco has been accused of paying its distribution centre employees as much as £3 an hour more than its store staff. Under the Equality Act 2010, employers must pay employees in comparable roles equally. However, lawyers believe that Tesco failed to do this. Instead, the supermarket giant paid its (predominantly male) warehouse staff more than its (predominantly female) store workers.  

No. While it is likely that the difference in pay is due to gender, both men and women can join the Tesco equal pay claim as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.  

Yes. If you have worked at a Tesco store in England or Wales at any time in the last six years, you may qualify for a Tesco equal pay claim. 

No. Tesco cannot fire you, or treat you any differently for joining the claim. It would be breaking the law if it did. 

If you are currently working or have previously worked at a Tesco store in England or Wales at any time in the last six years, you may qualify to make a Tesco equal pay claim. 

We cannot say how much compensation you might get if you win your Tesco equal pay case. Each claim is based on its merits and your solicitor will work to get the compensation owed to you. However, we believe that Tesco owes many current and former store workers thousands of pounds in equal pay compensation. 

In the UK, if a group of people have experienced loss, or otherwise been harmed by an organisation’s law breaking, they can come together to fight for justice. Levelling the playing field when standing up to big businesses, group actions prove that there is strength in numbers. At Join the Claim, we bring consumers and law firms together to ensure these group actions are as powerful as possible. 

Join the claim won’t charge you a penny.
KP Law acts on a strict no-win, no-fee basis. As their client, you will not pay them anything upfront. If they succeed, a portion of the damages awarded to you will cover their costs and expenses. They need to charge this fee to cover the work done. All fees will be thoroughly explained before you register to officially join the action.

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At Join the Claim, we unite law firms and individuals to ensure powerful group action claims. We are not a law firm, but we help ensure people get straightforward access to compensation.

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