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Major update in the Tesco equal pay battle

Tesco is under fire for not paying its store workers a fair wage. While distribution centre employees receive up to £3 per hour more than their in-store colleagues, both groups do jobs of equivalent value, so they should be paid the same.

Affected store workers have taken legal action in their fight for equal pay, and six years after the first equal pay suit was filed against Tesco, justice could be in sight.

Tesco test cases move to a final hearing

In November 2023, the Tesco equal pay case took a significant step forward when a tribunal decided to move to a final hearing on six test cases.

But what exactly does this mean?

In simple terms, rather than all the claimants in a group action going to court, a test case can be heard. Because the test case reflects what has happened to the wider group, if the case succeeds, it’s likely that everyone else will too. This pressure often leads the defendant to settle the case.

Tesco asked the court to consider more test cases before making a final decision. But, by deciding to look at just six key cases, the legal process for all Tesco equal pay claimants has been escalated, possibly by several years.

By moving to a final hearing, as well as speeding up the legal process, Tesco will have to disclose more documentation and reveal its defence strategy. So the development is great news for the store workers pursuing legal action.

Are Tesco’s store workers unfairly paid?

Yes! According to a job evaluation study carried out by Tesco in 2014, the majority of its store roles are equivalent to its higher paid distribution centre roles, so all staff should have been paid the same rate. Tesco subsequently hid the existence of the study from its staff and dismissed its findings.

While the study cannot legally be used as part of the case, the fight to prove that Tesco pays its store workers unfairly continues. And if the group action is successful, Tesco store workers could be owed thousands of pounds each.

Can you make a Tesco equal pay compensation claim?

You are eligible to make a Tesco equal pay claim if you work – or have worked – in a Tesco store in the past six years and are paid an hourly rate.

Our simple eligibility checker provides instant clarity. Answer a few straightforward questions, and you’ll know if you qualify for the Tesco equal pay group action claim. It will only take a few seconds and there’s no obligation to proceed.

If eligible, and you want to make a claim, sign up and we’ll connect you with KP Law, a legal firm running a Tesco equal pay group action

Find out more about the Tesco equal pay action and our partnership with KP Law here.

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