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Just Eat couriers deserve better! Join the fight for fair pay

If you’ve worked as a courier for Just Eat, you could be entitled to significant compensation for the rights and pay you may have been denied. Currently classified as self-employed independent contractors, Just Eat couriers have been excluded from essential benefits and protections that workers and employees are entitled to under UK law. 

But legal experts are challenging Just Eats’ classification of couriers as independent contractors. They argue that couriers should be recognised as ‘workers’ or ‘employees’, which would give them important rights and protections. These include the National Minimum Wage and holiday pay. 

Lawyers have now launched a class action to help Just Eat couriers change their employment status and claim back the wages they should have received. This case will be heard at the High Court, and if successful, will result in fair pay for fair work for Just Eat drivers. 

How much could a Just Eat courier claim be worth?

If successful, the Just Eat courier compensation claim could potentially result in significant financial compensation for affected couriers. According to one law firm “tens of thousands of Just Eat couriers” could be due compensation.

If you join the fight and make a Just Eat compensation claim, lawyers will help you claim for: 

  • Backpay for unpaid holidays: Lawyers will seek to recover holiday pay for the entire duration of your employment with Just Eat. This compensation aims to address the lack of holiday pay entitlements that should have been provided.
  • Compensation for below National Minimum Wage payments: If you have received payments from Just Eat that were below the National Minimum Wage, lawyers will pursue compensation to rectify this discrepancy.
  • Compensation for missing employment contracts: If you join a Just Eat claim, lawyers will seek compensation for the failure to provide you with a formal employment contract, which is essential for clarifying rights and responsibilities.

What should Just Eat drivers do now?

Not sure if you have a claim against Just Eat? Our simple eligibility checker provides instant clarity. Answer a few straightforward questions, and you’ll know if you could qualify for a Just Eat courier group action claim. 

It will only take a few minutes and there’s no obligation to proceed.

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