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UK businesses and other organisations often use energy brokers to find the best gas and electricity deals. People expect these recommendations to be impartial, but some brokers got large commissions for recommending an energy supplier.

It’s not illegal for brokers to be paid commission as long as they’re honest about it and tell you if it’ll affect your energy bills. But, according to lawyers, many brokers didn’t tell energy customers about these commission payments. They also didn’t mention that the energy companies would tack on some of the commission to their bills each month. As a result, many businesses and organisations paid inflated energy costs. In some cases, bills were increased by a staggering 50%.

If an introducer or broker charged you energy commission without your consent, you could be due a refund. 

At a glance: what do we know about hidden energy commission?

  • Many customers were not told that a proportion of their energy bill would be used to pay commission to their broker.  
  • These ‘bribes’ have been paid for more than a decade, allegedly adding billions to energy bills. 
  • Some businesses paid £100,000 or more in secret commission. This had a severe impact on profits and even forced some to close.  
  • Lawyers believe that some brokers made recommendations based on the commission they got paid, rather than the most suitable deal for the customer. 
  • British Gas, EON, Total Gas & Power, SSE, EDF Energy, Shell Energy and Opus could face potential claims.  


Lawyers have launched no-win, no-fee claims to help those misled by the energy brokers. Some organisations could be due tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.  

Millions of UK businesses and organisations are affected – are you one of them?

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Latest updates on energy commission bribes

  • Feb 2023

    Law firm Harcus Parker wrote to British Gas as it launched a group litigation claim to get compensation for undisclosed energy commission payments. It said further letters would be sent to other energy suppliers. Smooth Commercial Law Limited also issued court proceedings against brokers and energy companies profiteering from hidden commissions on energy contracts 

  • Apr 2023

    RGL Management became the third law firm to launch a group claim against big energy suppliers for secret commissions to brokers.

We’ll provide more updates on this case as they occur.

Secret energy commission FAQs

This claim concerns hidden energy commissions charged by third-party introducers and brokers in the UK. Legal experts believe that energy companies passed a portion of these hidden commissions onto their customers, resulting in inflated energy bills. Some organisations saw bills increase by up to 50%. These secret commissions could have added billions to energy bills.

Millions of UK businesses and organisations are potentially eligible for compensation. Find out if you could have a claim with our easy-to-use eligibility checker.

Lawyers have initiated no-win, no-fee claims to assist affected businesses. Answer a few straightforward questions, and you’ll know if you could qualify for energy commission compensation. If your broker let you know they would be paid a commission for recommending a supplier, and got your consent to accept the commission, it is unlikely that you will have a claim.

We cannot say exactly how much compensation you might get if the energy companies are ordered to pay compensation. Each claim is based on its merits and your solicitor will work to get the compensation owed to you. The amount of compensation you could be due will depend on the amount of commission paid and the amount of energy you used. Businesses in the UK could be due between £2,000 – £150,000 in energy business mis-selling compensation. 

In the UK, if a group of people have experienced loss, or otherwise been harmed by an organisation’s law breaking, they can come together to fight for justice. Levelling the playing field when standing up to big businesses, group actions prove that there is strength in numbers. At Join the Claim, we bring consumers and law firms together to ensure these group actions are as powerful as possible. 

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