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Up to 10 million diesel vehicles are estimated to be affected

Some cases could be worth up to 75% of the purchase price

You could be owed up to £10,000 per vehicle

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What is it?

European Regulators have found that most manufacturers cheated emissions tests and lied to consumers about the diesel vehicles that were being sold, saying they were more environmentally friendly and efficient than they were.
In doing so, this means that owners paid more than they should for vehicles that were less environmentally friendly and possibly with lower fuel economy than advertised. Consequently, if you sold the vehicle, you may also have got less than you might have expected because of this issue.
Your vehicle could be one of them.

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Am I able to join the group action to claim?
If you have purchased, leased, or financed a diesel vehicle (manufactured between 2008 and 2020) — new or secondhand — then you should join the group action as you may be entitled to compensation worth up to £10,000 per vehicle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Named ‘dieselgate,’ numerous diesel cars and vans are entangled in this environmental scandal, and yours might be among them.

Volkswagen (VW) has already agreed to a £193 million settlement for affected vehicles, setting a precedent that your vehicle manufacturer could soon follow. The list of implicated vehicle manufacturers is extensive.

These vehicles were deceptively marketed as environmentally friendly, boasting lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. However, the reality was quite the opposite.

Elevated NOx levels are linked to over 64,000 premature deaths annually, not to mention their substantial impact on the climate, contributing to global warming.

With thousands of drivers being paid out by the initial round of emissions claims against Volkswagen, our partner law firm is confident that more successes will follow.

Our Partner law firm is currently examining major car manufacturers in a potential collective action for alleged ‘cheat devices’ installed in specific vehicles. These devices artificially lower emissions during testing to meet EU regulations.

However, when these same vehicles are driven on the road, they have been proven to emit significantly higher levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases compared to the reported test conditions. This not only poses a threat to the environment but also jeopardizes public health, contributing to an estimated 64,000 premature deaths annually.

Our partners legal team is actively investigating these claims on behalf of individuals, just like you, who have owned one of the affected diesel vehicles. The potential compensation for this claim could be substantial, likely amounting to thousands of pounds.

If you purchased or leased a diesel vehicle and suspect you may have been impacted, we strongly encourage you to join the claim today. Begin the process by checking youe vehicle.

Joining a collective action is a wise decision as you could be entitled to compensation amounting to thousands for each diesel vehicle you’ve owned. The power of collective action lies in its strength and momentum derived from numbers. By aligning with other vehicle owners who have faced similar injustices, we can collaborate to achieve a successful resolution together.

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If you purchased, financed, leased or owned a diesel vehicle (new or used) between 2008 and 2020, you may be eligible for compensation.

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