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Do you have a Capita data breach compensation claim?

In 2023, Capita was hacked. The company provides admin and support services to hundreds of UK pension schemes, and criminals managed to access the data of thousands of pension holders. So the breach has far-reaching consequences.

More pension schemes put at risk by the Capita data breach

Following a cyberattack at Capita in early 2023, hundreds of thousands of pension holders had their data stolen.

Capita is one of the UK’s largest pension scheme administrators. It manages over 450 pensions, with approximately 4.3 million members, so this was a potentially huge data breach. The list of affected schemes has continued to grow since the breach was first reported.

Capita data breach sparks legal action

After a cyberattack in March 2023, pension holders across the UK had their data stolen. In the wake of this breach, law firms are rallying to help those affected. Their mission: to pursue justice and secure compensation for victims of the Capita data breach.