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Do you have a Capita data breach compensation claim?

In 2023, Capita was hacked. The company provides admin and support services to hundreds of UK pension schemes, and criminals managed to access the data of thousands of pension holders. So the breach has far-reaching consequences.

Major update in the Tesco equal pay battle

Tesco is under fire for not paying its store workers a fair wage. While distribution centre employees receive up to £3 per hour more than their in-store colleagues, both groups do jobs of equivalent value, so they should be paid the same.

More pension schemes put at risk by the Capita data breach

Following a cyberattack at Capita in early 2023, hundreds of thousands of pension holders had their data stolen.

Capita is one of the UK’s largest pension scheme administrators. It manages over 450 pensions, with approximately 4.3 million members, so this was a potentially huge data breach. The list of affected schemes has continued to grow since the breach was first reported.

What is dieselgate, and how does it affect drivers in the UK?

The global ‘dieselgate’ scandal started back in 2015, when the US Environmental Protection Agency discovered Volkswagen Group had been selling cars with illegal emissions-cheating software. The software could detect when a vehicle was undergoing emissions testing and tweak its performance to deliver cleaner results.

Are supermarkets falling short when it comes to equal pay?

In recent years, equal pay has become a hot topic within the UK’s retail sector. Major supermarket chains like Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Co-op, and Sainsbury’s are all facing legal challenges over alleged gender pay disparities, and the spotlight on fair payment practices has never been brighter.

Jaguar Land Rover DPF claims vs. dieselgate claims

When it comes to automotive controversies, few topics have garnered as much attention as the emissions scandal. But while ‘dieselgate’ has dominated headlines, not all claims against car manufacturers relate to emissions cheating.

Capita data breach sparks legal action

After a cyberattack in March 2023, pension holders across the UK had their data stolen. In the wake of this breach, law firms are rallying to help those affected. Their mission: to pursue justice and secure compensation for victims of the Capita data breach.

Men and women can make an Asda equal pay claim

The Equal Pay Act protects employees from unfair discrimination in the workplace. The law states that both men and women should be paid equally where they are doing the same job (or one of equal value). This means companies can’t treat you differently based on your gender when it comes to pay.