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About us

Ready to kick injustice to the curb? You’ve come to the right place.
But first we need to set the record straight – we’re NOT a law firm.

What we are is a passionate crew of digital specialists. And we’ve spent over a decade in the trenches, uniting law firms and individuals to ensure powerful group action claims.

Think of us as the ultimate matchmaker for justice seekers like you.

Our mission

Simple: ensuring you get the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve from wrong-doing organisations. We do this by:

Shining a spotlight on the latest and biggest consumer injustices.
Making eligibility checks a breeze.
Connecting you with law firms ready to fight for you.

Join the Claim is where the revolution begins.

Why us?

Over the years, we’ve built rock-solid bonds with some of the best law firms in the UK. And when you’re navigating the path to justice, relationships matter.

We get it – dealing with solicitors can be daunting. That’s why we’ve simplified everything. No jargon, no complicated sign-ups. We’re here to speak your language and make justice happen.

Your go-to hub for consumer group claims – minus the legal mumbo-jumbo – at Join the Claim, we’re rewriting the rules of empowerment.

What about fees?

We won’t charge you a single penny. And we ensure any law firms we connect you with operate on a no-win-no-fee basis. We’re here to make justice easier, not more expensive.

We might take a fee from the law firms we introduce you to.

Do you have to make a claim with our chosen law firm?

Absolutely not. When you check your eligibility, you are under no-obligation to proceed with a group action claim. You only agree to proceed with a group action claim when you sign up to join one. You stay in complete control.

Ready to learn more?

 Kickstart your journey with Join the Claim by exploring the latest UK group actions here!